The Road to Ein Harod (Salt of the Earth)

Adaptation for a puppet, a camera, and 1000lbs of salt

Based on the book by Amos Kenan

 Upcoming shows:

“habait” Theater, Nissan Nativ, Noam 5 Street, Jaffa:

Wednesday | 20.12 | 21:00 | Tickets

Thursday | 15.2 | 21:00 | Tickets

Gerard Bechar , Leo Model Hall, Jerusalem:

Monday | 25.12 | 20:30 | Tickets



Using a film camera, a puppet and 1000lbs of salt, Amos Kenan’s mythological novel is brought to life. The journey to escape by an Israeli, a writer and combatant in his past, who is forced to leave his home in Tel Aviv following a military coup in Israel. Hunted by the new regime for his political opinions, our hero attempts to reach the Ein Harod Kibbutz in Emek Yizrael. According to a mysterious radio broadcast, that is where the last pocket of resistance is battling the Military dictatorship.

While passing through Israel’s changing landscapes, in a survival journey towards freedom, our protagonist is being haunted by his own personal memories and the country’s collective ones. Alone against the forces of history, he aspires to reach the spot in which its first page was written.


Salt of the Earth, Photo Yaniv Berman (10)

Photography: Yaniv Berman


Using the innovative PuppetCinema technique, the plot is molded from salt and paper and projected on a large screen for the audience to see. The stage simultaneously serves as the backstage and set for a movie being filmed and shown in closed circuit, live in front of the audience. Thusly, in a circle of destruction and construction, with each scene being constructed on the ruins of its predecessors, an innovative and sophisticated adaptation is given to the imaginary plot, which since its writing has been transformed into a mirror reflecting the broken dreams of the divided Israeli society.



Photography: Yair Meyuhas


Created and directed by Zvi Sahar 

 In collaboration with:

Oded Littmann: Development Team, Dramaturg and Adaptation / Aya Zaiger: Development Team, Designer, Photographer and Actress / Michal Vaaknin: Development Team, Puppeteer and Actor / Yuval Fingerman: Puppeteer and Actor / Shay Egozi: Lighting Technician and Actor /  Music: Guy Sherf, Rona Keinan / Sound Effects: Guy Sherf / Puppet Design and Construction: Etti Sahar, Zvi Sahar, Aya Zaiger, Robin Prohardt and Jessica Scott /   Lighting: Adi Shimroni / Assistant Director: Genia Snop / Video Consultant: Gal Barkan / Photography Consultant: Boaz Frond / Puppet Consultant: Jessica Scott / Lighting Consultant: Tom McDonough

USA Producer: Leslie Strongwater

Contact Info – USA:

Contact Info – EU:

Video Clip: Different View Photography



Special thanks to Nurit Gertz for the permission to work with the masterpiece, and Rona Keinan for the collaboration, the conversations and the support. Ronit Mushtkablit, Steven Hazan Harnof, Bosmat Hazan and the14th Street Y’s LABA Project, which has allowed us the freedom, the space, the time and the budget to develop our theatrical language. To Sally Strongwater, who produced PuppetCinema in the U.S., Israeli Consulates in the U.S., Anat Gilad and Rana Shreiber, and to Sherryl Hanson and the Jim Henson Foundation, for its warm embrace.

Special thanks to Racheli Katupman, Michal Odem and all of the people of Ein Harod for their warm hospitality, the stories and the immense knowledge. The adaptation would have been written differently had we not spend those days together there.

And thank you, Amos Kenan. If only we could tell him personally.




The play is now back from Next Wave Festival, BAM, New York!


“Blending puppetry, live action and video, the play has the quality of a dark dream…..Captivating…” – The New York Times

“It presents a vision of hope diminished, a hope for people… living as equals, partaking in a
communal connection to the land that transcends their individual desire to own it” – The


Top 5 Pick – NYC-Arts


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