By Yonatan Levi and Boaz Lavie

“A trilogy about three faces of Israel, dealing with disconnection from reality, the insanity of life in the context of certain disaster, and taking the brand name in vain. A marvelously serious foolish fantasy.” (Hendelzaltz, Ha’aretz)


HABAIT Theatre, Nissan Nativ, Noam 5, Jaffa:

Thursday | 8.2 | 21:00 | Tickets

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Saturday | 10.2 | 21:00 | Tickets


Nephilim is a trilogy about three mythological Israelis, born of one another, each in turn observing the State of Israel from the outside. Part 1: Menachem Begin (played by Noam Semel) on the Beaufort. Part 2: An Israeli judoka who arrives in Turkmenistan with his trainer (Nir Shauloff and Menashe Noy). Part 3: Bar Refaeli (Smadar Ya’aron) at Ben Gurion Airport.

On the fine line between reality and imagination, through the lenses of national ethos, athleticism and glamour, the trilogy follows subterranean currents in Israeli identity – beginning with Menachem Begin’s depression, through obsessive athletic achievement, to the absolute control of the supermodel – this time through Carolina Lemke’s designer eye glasses.



Photograph: Areleh Hatzamtzam Haboer


Director: Yonatan Levi

Music: Noam Inbar

Actors: Nir Shauloff, Menashe Noy, Smadar Ya’aron and Noam Semel.