A Stage Piece by Naomi Yoeli

Inspired by Agi Yoeli

Intimate encounters with my ex-stepmother-in-law – sculptor, gourmet and storyteller.

A round table for hosting guests, projected images and stand-up sequences divide the stage into fragments, seeking to unite through stories that reveal themselves from within the drawers of the table. Some of the stories should never be taken seriously, and others should never be told.

“…The best thing about this play: it creates a confusing whirlwind of theatre and reality, stand-up and acting, fact and fiction (the character presented is present in the audience), dealing with a subject that is a completely confusing whirlwind of the place of the “holocaust” in our lives, close and terribly intimate, but, at the same time, inconceivable, political and terribly distant.” – Michael Hendelzaltz, Gallery, Ha’aretz, 20.4

Space and prop design: Hadas Ofrat|   Music: Yossi Mar Haim |   Documentation and video editing: Uri Yoeli |   Lighting design: Uri Rubinstein |  Concept development and stage manager: Daniel Cohen-Levi | Table construction and mechanism: Roni Naim | Sound studio: Danny Kastenbaum | Website consultation: Dana Yoeli and Daniel Cohen-Levi | Processing of photographic material: Yoav Bezalel | Third eye: Marit Ben Israel

Photograph: Uri Yoeli