Based on the book by Jonathan Swift

Zvi Sahar’s new work for actor, camera and flooded stage


HABAIT Theatre, Nissan Nativ House, Noam 5, Jaffa:

Wednesday | 22.11 | 21:00 | Tickets (The play will be in English as part of the international exposure of israeli theatre)

Thursday | 23.11 | 21:00 | Festive premiere | tickets

Thursday | 21.12 | 21:00 | Tickets

Friday | 22.12 | 21:00 | Tickets

Friday | 16.2 | 14:00 | Tickets

Saturday | 17.2 | 21:00 | Tickets

Gerard Bechar Center, Leo Model Hall, Jerusalem:

Sunday | 24.12 | 20:30 | Tickets


.Following his seafaring travels, Gulliver returns home and secludes himself.

He refuses to meet people, converses only with two horses that he bought,

and ponders the nature of humankind.

At the end of five years of isolation,

he has his first conversation with his wife, telling her his story.

Now, he invites you to listen as well.

Before you hear it from anyone else.

Produced by HaZira Performance Art Arena and directed by Zvi Sahar, this adaptation focuses on the lesser-known side of Swift’s classic work –the recognition of the inherent cruelty of human society.

Adaptation, directing and acting – Zvi Sahar PuppetCinema

Actors and creative partners:

Chihiro Ishiyama

Yuval Fingerman

Michal Vaknin/Lee Lorian



Nili  Dvir



Guy Sherf


Lighting Design and Fixtures

Ofer Laufer


Assitant Director

Dani Halifa

Dany kinreich


Special thanks to Emanuel Chanon for his help in designing Gulliver’s character