3×3 (2010)

3X3 (2010)

A Play in Parts By Tchelet Vistov, Meital Raz, Daniel Cohen Levy

Three by three: Three different plays, spread out over three days, over a period of three weeks, with the viewers exposed to one chapter of each play. The three plays all address a craving for intimacy in a world of alienation and loneliness. A vibrant theatrical experience is presented in the quasi-television format of an episodic series.

The audience meets the performance anew every week, as well as each other, so that the theatre experience is opened up and overlaps a social gathering. Crossing the borders between mediums makes possible a new viewing experience for the audience.

Meubanim (Fossils) | By Tchelet Vistov A combined video and sculpture performance which takes place in a specific set-space, which was built especially for the event. The audience gets a peak into the world of a fairly conventional family, in fairly standard situations, coated in plaster.

Assistant Director: Maayan Mozes
Produced by: Ido Ballas
Plaster Sculpting: Ayelet Lerman
Performers: Gal Naor, Dalia Bareket, Noga Ariel, Shlomo Shitrit
Costume Design: Lou Moriah and Adi Lagziel
Choreography: Idan Yoav and Noa Dar
Video and Sculptures: Itamar Mendelsphor

The Bitter Fate of Aliza B | By Meital Raz
A woman’s journey to survive in her home. A theatrical act without words.
A lone actress on the stage, dressed in a flat, attractive mask, tells of a three dimensional woman in a double entendre world.

Directed by: Itay Vizer and Meital Raz
Cast: Meital Raz and Inbal Yomtovian
Music by: Nadav Hollander
Set and Paranormal Objects: Oded Rimon
Set Design: Gil Lavi
Light Board Operator and Small Objects: Keren Dambinski
Dramatic Consultant: Amit Drori

They Say She will Start in July | By Daniel Cohen Levy
Original Poetry-Theatre. A man, a woman and a chasm between them. He and She view their lives as if it was poetry written in real time. A threat of war is in the background.

Cast: Nurit Attias, Eran Ben Zvi
Motion: Ravid Savil
Music by: Nadav Barnea
Set and Costume Design: Amit Levinger
Light Board Operator: Nadav Barnea
Produced by: Ravid Savil