Flashkes (2010)

A tragic-comic love story between a young damsel and a sawdust man

A surreal dance-theatre play with electric puppets.
A teenage girl brings her lover home for the first time, to meet the parents.
The father on his deathbed. Guests gather for a familial farewell dinner.
The family begins devouring itself – metaphor turns into reality, and dinner into the last supper.

Flashkes was created as a sequel to the Last Supper exhibit, which was showcased by Hila Flashkes around Europe, along with the puppets she designed and created. The installation has been held in high regard and has received rave reviews and, and following a meeting with Director Ronni Sinai, a story was written and a play born. The puppets even agreed to take the rare step of sharing their stage with mortals: dancers Ofer Amram and Michal Gil were added to the picture, and the feast began. By: Hilla Flashkes Written and Directed by: Ronni Sinai Puppet

Design and Operation: Hila Flashkes

Music by: Ran Bagano

Dancers and Puppeteers: Ofer Amram and Michal Gil

Mechanics and constructions: Ben Buchenbacher

Costume Design: Shlomit Goffer

Lighting Design: Shachar Verkzon

Photography: Elad Hazki