Aliza B. (2011)

Aliza B (2011)
Written and Performed by: Meital Raz and Itay Vizer

Visual theatre, Props theatre and masks.

A Tragic-Comic journey of survival by a two dimensional woman in a triple-entendre word.
Aliza B alone in her apartment. Her senses operate differently, strangely, and not easily understood. Behind a flat mask cut out of a magazine, she looks directly into the eyes of the viewers, as if presenting her actions and transgressions, until these begin to get entangled and her apartment forms an independent will of its own.

Design: Keren Dambinski
Directed by: Oded Rimon, Itamar Mendelsphor
Building Design: Gil Lavi, Meital Raz, Keren Dambinski
Soundtrack: Bnayah Reches
Light Board Operator: Keren Dambinski and Itay Vizer