The fourth floor (2010)

The Fourth Floor (2010)
Directed by: Pete Brooks

Surreal Cinematic Theatre

In an old hotel in a distant land, a woman moves between the floors. The elevator door opens to reveal various scenes: from the past, from the present, from the imagination. A murder sets in motion a chain of events that send a woman off to a journey of flashbacks, in a whole mess of betrayals and broken dreams. The play, part spy-thriller, part love story and part journey to hell, is laid out as a spectacular and hallucinatory Film Noir.

“The Fourth Floor” is an intimate quasi-cinematic experience, performed on a stage that never ceases to surprise.

It was coproduced by an ensemble of Visual Theatre School graduates.
Pete Brooks has been directing and travelling with various productions around the world since the 80s. These days he works as a member-artist of Imitating the Dog, and as Director of Design and Creation of Performance studies at the second degree program at the Central St. Martins School of Art and Design, in London.