Leaning Towards Death

Of the place for feelings of longing
By Nava Frankel

Inspired by the book, Lexicon Mishpahti (Family Vocabulary), by Natalia Ginzburg

In her book, Natalia Ginzburg lays out a human web of family members and friends who rub against each other using oft repeated sayings between them, sayings that it is actually their insignificance that affords them their power.

Nava Frankel took the liberty of distancing herself from the book and the specific historical period and create characters who not only describe the events, but also create them.
This web of characters (a fat grown man, a baby, a brother, a dead mother) surrounds the protagonist: a teenage girl that is perhaps male, perhaps female, a boy and a girl. The theatrical dynamic consists of gatherings and dialogues between this character and those around it, which take place through her point of view. The project deals with the establishment of these friendships and the probability of these friendships surviving the events around them.

Cast: Haya Bershinski, Yuval Meskin, Nava Frankel, Meital Raz
Object Design and Executions: Studio Matilda
Light Board Operator: Omer Sheizaf
Costume Designer: Alona Roda
Mechanics: Oded Rimon
Produced by: Avigail Green