Anthem for a Box

The music box of the collective memory emits strange, funny, innocent and dark songs. Songs of longing and protest from the Jewish town are mixed together with pastoral and idealistic children’s songs from the early days of Zionism, and turn into a topsy-turvy journey which exposes a world that is a mixture of childhood and old age, holy words and materialism fantasies and scientific facts.

These have all been collected from poetry books and old Hebrew text books which have been detached from their context, been taken apart, put together and recomposed as modern day songs or upbeat texts within a surprising performance of sound, the playing of acoustic and electronic instruments, prop work, sound and video.
Different View (7)

photography: Different View


Meirav Ben David: Concept, Compositions, Design, Directing and Singing
Collaborators and Performers:
Yonatan Niv – Cello, Arrangements and Vocals
Dan Karger – Sound Engineering, Keyboards and Arrangements

Lighting: Rotem Elroie, Dan Karger and Ofer Laufer

Animation: Shimon Ofek, Talya Bar