House by the lake

A musical cabaret for actresses, puppets and objects

Not so long ago, in a distant land in Central Europe, three sisters are hiding in a room. Out of their growing distress, they escape into a fantastic and absurd world, where live bodies fall apart and reassemble with old objects and dolls.
From a dark and sugary cabaret, comes the story of three sisters in hiding during World War 2. They latch on to the strict bourgeois daily routine on which they were raised at home. So long as their distress continues to grow, they escape to dreams of the bright future awaiting them when Spring comes along, when they will be transformed into perfect women.

The play was first performed at the 2010 Akko Festival, and won an award for design.

“A work full of imagination and creativity which successfully creates a gentle and beautiful theatre world which unites the humor and horror of the situation”, Shay Bar Yaacov, Yedioth Ahronot

By Yael Rassuli and Yaara Goldring

Created and Performed by: Rinat Sternberg and Edna Balilous

Set and Costume Design: Maurine Friedman

Puppet Design: Maayan Reznick

Co-Property Master: Noa Aband

Music By: Nadav Vizel

Sound Engineer: Bnayah Reches

Lighting Design: Assi Gustman Assistant

Director: Michal Vaaknin

Artistic Consultant: Yael Inbar

Photography: Nir Shaanani

The play is currently being shown in festivals throughout Europe. Israeli performance dates will be announced shortly.