I shall Move Like a Drunkard

“I will remember the days of yore for eternity

Anua Ke’Shikor – Eheme KeYamim”


Poetic theatre in the footsteps of the poet Rabbi Yisrael Nagara

An original cross-disciplinary play, which confronts the yearning for spiritual elevation with the power of the attraction between a man and a woman.
The 16th century poetry and lyrics giant, Rabbi Yisrael Nagara, was able to achieve fame in his lifetime, but also severe criticism for describing the connection between God and man as a passionate relationship between a man and a woman. His beautiful poems, which serve as an expression of the eternal longing for unification, have been composed over generations in various traditions. In Anua Ke’Shikor they are granted new original music, performed by a Jerusalem Siren Choir, and an encounter with a world of metaphors which arise from the story of He and She’s shared life, who sail together between reality and imagination, between nightmare and poetry.

Shay Bar Yaacov:
“Iyar Wolfa is hypnotizing”
“…a tantalizing longing for the soul’s symbolic internal theatre”


Cast: Danny Shtag and Iyar Wolfa

Original Compositions: Yisrael Brite

Choir: Inbal Jamshid, Michal Lotan, Nitzan Bernstein

Musician: Adi Porti

A. Director and Dramatist: Inbal Dekel

Video and Scenery: Hilla Spector

Costume Designer: Lou Moriah

A. Costume Designer: Noga Rubin

Lighting Design: Shachar Verkzon

Photography: Nadav Ariel