Purim 2014

HaZira Performance Arts Arena is being hosted by Migdal David (the Tower of David) for two events in one night

Purim – March 16th, 2014



7:30pm: HaHagrala – A bizarre party game at Migdal David

Try and imagine a parallel social world; a world in which every task, stance and action are determined by blind fate; a world which is ruled by an all encompassing lottery. It is a kingdom thought up by Jorge Luis Borges in his short story, “The Lottery in Babylon”, and this is the word that will take over the Tower of David museum on the Eve of Purim.


Ha’Hagrala is a social experiment in authority, randomness and freedom; a show without actors, randomly controlled by a computer. From the moment you enter the lottery area, you will accept upon yourself a set of rules which creates an alternative social reality, ruled by the computer. There is no audience in HaHagrala: everyone takes part, and discretely receives instructions, which are randomly chosen and regulate the relationships and interactions between them.

The computer’s involvement dismembers the obvious ties between action and will and joins the intimate and the public.

You are invited to go through a short acceptance interview which will determine which group you will join, get a number, and take part in the temporary community which will be established inside the museum: while each of the participants is both the audience and the work itself.

HaHagrala is a performance event designed only for its participants. No outside spectators. No cameras allowed inside. The only directors are the computer, fate and the participants.

A wild and exciting costume party which will stretch the limits of your awareness until the light of day will begin immediately after HaHagrala.


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10:30 pm HaAhshderphanim (Satraps) – Psychedelic Purim Rave at the Tower of David

Imagine the walls of the old city from the inside, with Jerusalem’s happy and beautiful people, with everyone in costume and their heart merry from wine. You climb, wearing pink pantyhose and a Queen Esther costume, large and steep steps and look around. A Mosque with a golden dome peers out from one end, and on the other, a rotating windmill. Add in two dance floors with amazing music, a long line of video and performance artists, heavenly sound and a bar with warehouse prices. All this will take place on the main Purim night, Sunday, March 16th, and in the most amazing location you could think of – the Tower of David.

In honor of this exciting event we have invited a special guest to Israel – DJ Elijah Simmons, the London Undergrounds Scene’s Prince of Dreams. With him, on the electronic dance floor, the Red Axes duo will rock the foundations – without a doubt the hottest name in the local Techno-House scene today. The duo, which is signed by the prestigious I’m a Cliché label, will arrive directly from a head spinning club tour in Eastern Europe, and moments before the release of their much expected soon to be released EP.

Over at the second dance floor we have set up a lighthearted and fun workshop of world music, hands, wide open spaces, and an open, star-lit sky. Making sure you are shaking your tushes will be none other than DJ Columbus, Amit Stark, and Rani Megido – three of the Jerusalem scene’s candle bearers.

Come in groups, come happy, come colorful, to a wild and magical night at the tower of wonders.




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