Spoken word arena

The second show in HaZira Performance Arts Arena’s Music Series:

A musical spoken word performance with the genre’s leading artists, who have come together to put on a show which challenges the meanings of the performance, the poetry, the music and the text.

Noam Partum:

Poet, musician and stage performer. Launched the video poetry project “PhoTube”; recently released the poetry book, “Lehaviir et HaMayim BeEsh”. Musician: Yonatan Cnaan.

Yonatan Konda and Netta Weiner:

Members of the rap group System Ali from Jaffa – which is releasing its debut album in June. The two of them were part of the founders of Tamar Theatre, where they had created the word-shows “Al HaTel” (at Klipa Theatre, 2011) and “Anu Bonim Po Namal” (We are Building a Port Here), which won the award for best script at the 2012 Akko Festival, both directed by Raz Vinner. Counselors at the educational organizations managed by Beit System Ali, with teenagers from Jaffa, Bat-Yam and south Tel Aviv.

Tamar Linder:

Poet, vocalist and director, graduate of the Sam Spiegel School for Film and Television. Performs in Israel and Berlin with a musical show she wrote and composed based on spoken word and tempo. Incorporates video, performance and working with plastic materials in her works. With musicians Shmil Frankel, Hagai Preshtman and Yahu Yaron.

Hadara Levin Ardi:

The Israeli Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, who graduated with excellence from NYU Film School, is Indie’s pioneer in Israel. Began making music at an older age, and after 12 albums and shows in Israel and abroad, she is coming with her drunk piano, juggling languages and genres with Olympian skill, articulate, and with a winning honesty, and touches on subjects of great importance, as well as minimal. She has no prearranged set list, she doesn’t remember the lyrics to her songs by heart, usually improvises, with excess soul and a bare heart. In any case, she would never give up her glass of red wine!
Khan Theatre – Saturday, May 11th, at 9 pm