Nights synesthesia

Synesthesia Nights (2010)
With the Synesthesia Group

A shape is a sound is a shape is a starting point for a refreshing end-of-summer event, which bears the name of the condition and the project – Synesthesia – mixed sensations.
In our world, where everything is mixed up together, despite our Superiors’ attempts at separation, HaZira Performance Arts Arena is taking three days to study this phenomenon, and celebrate around it with an abundance of art pieces.

Musicians, theatre people, visual artists, video artists, computers and sound, veteran and well known hounds, besides fresh graduates from Bezalel and the School of Visual Theatre, all come together for a celebration here in Jerusalem, the most synthesetic city in the world.

Some of the pieces can directly be described as Synesthesia, some forge new connections, all leave a lot of room for the audience to freely associate on the topic. One-time confrontations between Rock and Classical music, sound and color, water and electricity, theatre and computer, contemporary art at its best, which among its other goals takes on the “now” fashion which has befallen art in our times. And this is the challenge laying at HaZira Performance Arts Arena’s doorstep – to allow, to confront, to mix and to encourage impossible gatherings in an impossible reality.

Participants: Rut Dolores-Weiss, Kululush, Uri Drumer, Ronni Reshef, Dr. Michael Wolfa, Dr. Hanna Agiashvilli, and others.

Synesthesia is an independent group of people from the worlds of art and culture, which operates out of an artistic curiosity for connecting things that are supposedly foreign to each other: modern and classic culture, different fields of art, refined versus common language, and more. The group enjoys the game and the challenge created while searching for their meeting point and from the unusual collaborations between artists from different fields and styles. The group was formed by Maya Felixbrodt and Adir Levy.