Science Scene

Science Arena (2012)

HaZira Performance Arts Arena aims to serve as a stage for unique and challenging musical creation, and as a place for a genre-crossing gathering between musicians from various fields, new and traditional.

The Science Arena event was first held in 2012, and served as a platform on which various performance artists studied the reciprocal relationship between science and art, with an emphasis given to the musical medium. The event hosted scientists, theatre directors and artists from various disciplines: performance artists, voice and sound artists, dancers, actors, video and computer animation artists.

Participants: Dr. Lior Noy, Ron Kenner, Victoria Hanna, Amir Boltsman and Moran Guttman (no-coast), Uri Drumer, Turing Dames, Inbal Pinto, Aharon Manor, Amos Elkana, and others.