Much talk of space

Lots of Talk about Space (2012)

The “Lots of Talk about Space” exhibit, which concluded a year of work at the Maamuta workshop, was an invitation to a magical visit, where a fascinating meeting of sound and plastic transpired, in four installations.

Each one of the installations turned into a musical instrument of its own: a parlor turned church turned sound box, a merry-go-round turned into a revolving musical instrument. The other installations saw musicians cooperating with other artists, a dialogue which demonstrates the magical reality of the space displayed in the exhibit.

This was the last project by the Sala-Manca Group – Leah and Diego – at the Daniella Passal House in Ein Karem. The project was a joint production of Maamuta together with HaZira Performance Arts Arena.

Ayelet Lerman with Netta Cohen, Guy Yitzhaki, and Zemer Set.
Treasurers: Sala-Manca group