Empty house

Bait Rek (2011)

Bait Rek Group is a group of non-profit artists working in Jerusalem. Group members invade places abandoned and neglected over the years, and around each site bring together a group of artists that will build a practical and philosophical infrastructure there, which will allow for transforming the place into an independent cultural hall.

Previous projects by the group: HaNasi Hotel (1 Ahad Ha’Am St.). Machon HaSivim (3 Emek Refaim).

The Group’s final project, “Kibbutz”, took place in September 2012, at Havat Ha’Limud in Armon HaNatsiv.
About the Project: This is not an attempt to restore the historical Kibbutz. Like Bait Rek’s other projects to date, the activity is parasitic: the Kibbutz’ land and initiative are the roots on which the artists look to build an independent operation, productive-cultural. The group is asked to work and adapt the unique vision, perhaps already lost, of the Kibbutz, through physical labor. This is a desire to repeat, in modern conditions, the experiment to build an area which enables a common cultural-creative life.

Group Members:
Shavit Yaron
Elad Yaron
Netta Meizlis
Itamar Hammerman

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