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A New Plastic Arts Project for 2013

Jerusalem artist Einat Arif-Galanti’s visual dialogue with the works of Anna Ticho at Beit Ticho as part of Menofim 2013.

The display is part of a cluster of exhibits initiated by HaZira Performance Arts Arena, which serves as a dialogue between veteran and influential Jerusalem artists and contemporary artists in the city.

Arif-Galanti’s works will address Ticho’s paintings of flowers from a number of aspects intertwined with each other: her color palette, the optimistic, escapist and liberated mood which is apparent in these works, dealing with the passage of time. With Ticho this is expressed in the blurring of vision and the selection of the stronger colors, referencing the European eye blinded by the Jerusalem light, and creating somewhat of a contrast: the blinded contemporary Jerusalem eye which yearns for European light, this is expressed through the use of local light and local plant life, while constructing stages comprised of vases with flowers and insects, which lean on the tradition of static paintings of nature.

The exhibit will showcase the works of Anna Ticho, the photography of Arif-Galanti, beside her video project “Living, Inanimate Plastic”, as well as a central sculpture installation with a flower pot brimming with local plant life, insects and fruit, some of which are made of plastic and some of which are organic. The vibrant and optimistic local plants’ decaying process will echo the signs of the passage of time which will be present throughout the exhibit. Slowly, slowly the plastic will begin peering out of the organic and will remain the only “beautiful” element, the whole. And so questions of the passage of time will be supported by questions on the current time, in the culture of consumerism and duplication and the aesthetics conventions we look for.

On Monday, the day Menofim dedicates to the Beit Ticho area, we will hold a gallery conversation after which the exhibit will echo outside the walls, as a shared exhibit between the artist and the gallery conversation participants – we will go outside to plant plastic flowers which will surround the Beit Ticho flower beds and remain there until they are stolen, disappear, vandalized or in the most optimistic scenario: until the exhibit closes, approximately two months later.

This installation will address the planting of Pine trees above, a planting policy which paradoxically transformed the dirt areas under it into a desert. A desert able to create surreal plant-bed in which only one synthetic flower can “live”.

Artistic Director for the Project: Guy Biran

 01-Einat Arif-Galanti-2013