Voice of the Word 2014


The 14 Kola Shel Ha’Mila Festival
Named after Mario Kotliar

Bekola Shelo


The Hazira Performance Art Arena’s flagship festival, now in its 14th year, examines the relationship between word/text and performance art. This year, the festival is being held in participation with the ‘Mamuta’ Center for Art and Media at Hansen House.


גוזף שפרינצק

in the photo: Joseph Shprinzak


The dybbuk (an evil spirit in Jewish folklore) phenomenon, through Ansky’s play, is the basis and inspiration for this year’s Kola Shel Ha’Mila festival (The Voice of the Word). The Mamuta spaces at Hansen House, formerly a leper colony, are transformed into an area for challenging one’s spiritual transformation, as a metaphor for the ancient building’s newly designated mission. In Kola Shelo, Hansen House is granted the suppressed forces of experience, which connect past and present, art and ritualism, healing and performance. The dybbuk is an external force that penetrates the human body and causes it to behave erratically. According to tradition, the dybbuk is the spirit of a deceased person, which takes over a live body and speaks through it in another voice. The dybbuk is a way of coping with harsh social situations, voice dissent, for which the afflicted have no words, and reveal dark occurrences from a community’s past.


Curators: The Sala-Manca Group and Guy Biran

Program 1 – November 24th-26th, 8 pm


Participating Artists: Adi Kaplan, Shachar Carmel, Tom Soloveichik, Alex Drole, Joseph Shprinzak, Carmel Bar, Lee Loreane, Adam Yodfat, Victoria Hanna, Noam Inbar, Shira Borer, Jerusalem Conservatory Chamber Orchestra with Conductor Michael Klinghoffer.


Program 2 – November 25th, 8 pm


Participating Artists: Alex Drole, Ilan Welkov, Zohar Shaffir, Tomer Damsky, Eran Sachs




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