Voice of the Word 2012

Kola Shel HaMila

Festival 2012: Letters
August 14th-16th/2012 | Gerard Bechar Center

When was the last time you came home and found a letter in the mailbox? And not an electricity or water bill, but rather a personal letter, addressed to you? Nostalgic affection for the memory of the excitement with which we open an envelope (carefully so as not to tear the letter), and amazement at the head-spinning speed of modern day communications, were the inspiration for the 2012 festival’s central theme – letters.

Artists from all disciplines of theatre have been invited to answer, through their art, the following question: what is the significance of a medium of communication, that has so many times changed the entire world’s landscape, and whose form is now gradually fading away, which for our children will seem ancient?

Each artist selected a letter or collection of letters which serve as a source of inspiration for his art; from the first Hebrew letter – the tablets of the Ten Commandments, through letters by poets, political exchanges, letters of complaint, love letters, rejection letters, letters from prison, emails, letters never received, and all the way to a collection of text messages.