Voice of the Word 2011

Kola Shel HaMila Festival

The Kola Shel HaMila festival is a multi-discipline art festival, held every year at HaZira Performance Arts Arena. At the center of the festival is the text, as a raw material for the various forms of art. Artists are invited to create new meanings through new uses of the text, the syntax, by picking apart the language using literary methods, voice and metaphors.

Kola Shel Hamila 2011: Kola Shel Savta
September 7th-9th/2011 | 23 Jaffa Gallery

The Festival celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2011. The artists were invited to go on a journey in their personal space which communicates directly or indirectly with a grandmother, their own or someone else’s, real or imaginary, from Jerusalem or anywhere else. The contents can be concrete: texts – from poetry to recipes, objects – old and private or made-up, and can also be abstract: the grandchild’s personal memories, baggage and emotions. These represent the raw materials with which the artists got to work.

Dealing with Grandma as a subject matter tends to deviate towards the nostalgic, or the clichéd. The challenge placed before the artists necessitated a shift from the private to the public: are we able, in this day and age, to bestow public significance on something that at its core carries so much personal-familial significance?

The methods through which the artists extracted and created the public aspect, the communicative, the aspect providing significance, in their own grandmother-grandson relationships are varied and fascinating. Beginning with being associatively sucked into the “World of Grandmothers”, and ending with an attempt to launch Grandma (who is in the past) into the modern world.