Voice of the Word 2010

Kola Shel HaMila

Festival The Kola Shel HaMila festival is a multi-discipline art festival, held every year at HaZira Performance Arts Arena. At the center of the festival is the text, as a raw material for the various forms of art. Artists are invited to create new meanings through new uses of the text, the syntax, by picking apart the language using literary methods, voice and metaphors.
Kola Shel HaMila 2010: Alter MAN
In Natan Alterman’s Footsteps
April 13th-15th/2010
Every year a topic is selected as inspiration for the art. In 2010, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Natan Alterman, his works were selected as the inspiration and basis for art pieces shown at the Festival.
Alterman, being a unique and productive poet, a playwright, philosopher, journalist and translator, allows for a wide range of creativity which is borne of his writings, recomposing his poems, all the way to a free performative sail in search of motives from his work.