HaZira Performance Arts Arena is a unique and significant art organization in the local cultural landscape; at the heart of HaZira’s activities are various disciplines of performance arts and their combination – theatre, dance, music, exhibits and multimedia, special performance and plastic art projects, while focusing on providing a stage for the nurturing of young Jerusalem artists. HaZira Performance Arts Arena was established in 1988 as HaBama Theatre, together with HaKaron Theatre and the School of Visual Theatre. The Association split in 2000, and since then Ha’Zira has served as an alternative stage for theatre, the only one of its kind in the local artistic landscape.

HaZira’s main goals are to thoroughly examine the essence of the work and the performance piece, develop a unique artistic language of a high quality and excellence in each of the areas of activity it hosts. HaZira aims to advance the art of inter-discipline performance, initiates original new productions, and is at the heart of the cultural and artistic dialogue, specifically in Jerusalem and in Israel in general.

Despite and as a result of the growing complexities of the political-economic-social situation, art which is connected to history of a time and place, but is not tied down by historical rules of creation, remains of the highest importance.

The future of art belongs to original artists who dare and are able to cross lines and definitions. HaZira views itself as a home for the artists, and looks to expand and open up to new opportunities for meeting the audience. This way it will serve as a dynamic meeting place for fringe elements, and will be an innovative theatre, which will create an active community of artists connected to the bubbling Israeli experience.

Since its founding, HaZira is feverishly looking for new methods of expression in all forms of performance art. In the time it takes an original idea to become fashion, juxtaposed against how slowly the philosophy of performance has been absorbed in the Israeli mindset, HaZira’s vision necessitates varied and tireless activity. Every acceptance of archaic conventions will lead us too a dead end. Every time we latch onto an achievement we are set back.

A quick glance at our repertoire reflects that – each play has its own unique theatrical dialect, each play communicates in a different way; but the common denominator for all is the innovation, the gentle, the blunt – that same high quality and elusive connection between shape and content. And so HaZira took off in every direction, with a young chutzpah which respects traditions, and within that same varied cultural whirlwind, does not forget to offer its hand to its audience, since without it the journey isn’t even worth the first step.


HaZira Performance Arts Arena Staff:

CEO and Artistic Director: Guy Biran

Project Manager: Sagit Tzur

Producer: Daniella Shenhav

 Advertising: Ella Kedem

Sales & Marketing: Sahar Klar

Office Manager: Ronit Ben-Shushan