HaZira Performance Art Arena, a platform for new and innovative theatrical and performance arts, is unique in the local cultural landscape.

HaZira was established in 1988 as Habama, in conjunction with the Train Theater (1983) and the School for Visual Theatre (1986). In early 2000, the three separated into distinct but closely related organizations. Since then, HaZira has spearheaded high-quality, innovative theatre in Israel.

HaZira’s mandate is to promote interdisciplinary performance art, to initiate original productions, to encourage and nurture the unique vision of talented artists, to cultivate excellence in the disciplines it supports, and to be at the center of cultural and artistic discourse.

Despite and because of the increasingly complex political-economic-social situation, art is of prime importance, being intricately connected to the history of time and place, but not bound by historical rules of creativity.

HaZira sees itself as a home for original creators who meet this challenge head on, and strives to explore and develop new possibilities for encounters with audiences. Thus the theatre becomes a venue for a vital meeting between cultural poles, aspiring to bring together an active community of artists connected to the vibrant Israeli experience.

All of this is reflected in HaZira’s repertoire – each play has its own unique theatrical language, each play communicates in its own way; but what they all share is innovation, subtlety, directness – the same intimate but elusive connection between form and content. In this way, HaZira has taken off in many directions, with young chutzpah (cheekiness) that still respects tradition, and in that same multifaceted artistic flurry, never forgetting to extend a hand to its audience, without which this journey isn’t even worth its first step.


HaZira’s staff:

General and Artistic Director: amit drori

Programme Director: Sagit Zur

Technical Director: Daniel Gamlieli

Publicity and Content: Noa Gamliel

Production: Karin lederman

Marketing and Sales: michal pollak