O.S.L.O | Guy Gutman

O.S.L.O is a dance piece that takes place in the snow and in the storm.

It is a performance of chronicles, movements and sounds that touches upon the historical and political narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The partition of the performance follows the chronology of the Oslo Peace Accords as a choreographic plan, as a palimpsest. Alongside the political narrative, the dance condenses a large vocabulary of parallel movements, repetitions, quotes, big and small chorographic events. Set in a weather installation that is extremely concrete and painfully abstract, O.S.L.O takes shape in the passing winds of the live event – of what unfolds.

As an epic disillusionment, O.S.L.O strives to become a contemporary folk-dance that commemorates the passing of time, historical consciousness, and the potential for movement.


Director and Writer: Guy Gutman

Space and Concept: Gabi Krichely

Co-Choreographer: Tami Leibovitz

Dancers: Tal Adler, Or Ashkenazi, Tami Leibovitz, Tamar Kisch