Dance scene | MahoLohet – 7.8


Dance Arena hosted by MahoLohet – Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre


Thursday / August 7th / 9 pm


Osnat Kelner / Avoda MeHabayit (Work from Home)

A musical look at life in the age of multi-tasking – A shiny recommendation for the serving of parental routine.

The show is comprised of the contents of a young mother’s purse.

Created by: Osnat Kelner

With: Moran Yizhaki Abergel, Shani Tamari, Rut Valensi, Osnat Kelner

Music by: Karl Oraf



Anat Yaffe / Says No!
The starting point for the piece was this feeling of frustration I have towards this age of progress in which we live in.

Next to the convenience, the speed and amazing technical advancement in our lives, I find great atrophy, loss of privacy, and mostly, a loss of peace and quiet. Few are the moments a man has to himself.

As if we sold our soul for progress.

In my own life I try to make decisions, navigate and take only what I need, but by the end of the day I feel that there isn’t really a choice. I was born into this and carry with me a very special and unstable type of burden.

Choreographed and Performed by: Anat Yaffe

Original Compositions: Shmulik Sternfeld

Costume Design: Anna Mirkin

Property Master: Idan Stern and Anat Yaffe


Uri Shafir / Fail Better

“This project deals with something, I promise. Even if this is the last promise I won’t keep”

A Dance-Performance piece which absurdly, humorously and tragically addresses adolescence, leaving Never-Never Land, and failure. Inside a space which looks similar to a living room or playground, two men make a series of strange attempts to stop time, and create moments during which anything is possible. Through their fraternity they look at each others’ world, participating each in the other’s fantasy, and celebrating failure by the other

Choreographed and Directed by: Uri Shaffir

Created and Performed by: Omer Uziel

Music: Jeff Buckley, Omer Klein, Relmic Statue

Artistic Guidance: Sahar Azimi