Dance scene | MahoLohet – 8.8

Dance Arena hosted by MahoLohet – Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre
Friday / August 8th / 2 pm


Orin Yohanan / With no blood relation to the world


A Small Space Between Her and I

And lots of quiet.


We don’t belong

And is also not a luxury.

Electrically charged in the space,

Falls apart into many tiny pieces

Where the sparkles sparkle.

With no blood relation to the world.

Created by: Orin Yohanan

Performing Dancers: Noa Rosenthal and Orin Yohanan

Original Compositions: Gal Hochberg

Costume Design: Orin Yohanan

Embroidery: Lea Yohanan





Odelia Kuperberg / Ta Imunim


When our threshold of stimulation rises

it is difficult to tickle the foundations

We are all looking to feel.

Where the emotion is bared, we disconnect immediately-

we are all looking to win, to control.

As an experiment in human beings, I bring the dancers to extreme physical positions,

and examine the relationship between the thresholds of physical and emotional stimulation.

Is there a common denominator between the physical challenge and the emotional manipulation.

The empirical assumption is that something hurts when you are not feeling.

Choreography: Odelia Kuperberg

Music by: Didi Erez

Dancers: Nizan Moshe, Yaacov Pilzur

Scenic and Costume Design: Dina Konson





Gil Karer / Beineinu (Between Us)
The piece deals with the need to simplify issues and resolve them in light of their perceived complexity. It features a couple dealing with a yearning for a sense of connection, as opposed to a feeling of separation and isolation. Within the mixture of feelings of suspense, connection, loneliness and compassion they attempt to find and blaze new trails. In some ways the piece is about intimacy, the things that hold it back and those that allow it to become more and more available.

Dancers: Gil Karer and Ayala Frankel

Costume Designer: Lenn Buchman

Soundtrack: Uri Avni

Content Development and Consulting: Anat Zederbaum